We understand that you may already have a lot of questions and working with us may add onto the existing ones. Hopefully the answers below can help!

Q: Is it too early to work with Trivium?

A: If you are passionate about your idea and ready to focus on your product/service, the Time is right!

Q: I’m just thinking about an idea and not sure if I will quit my job and go full speed with my idea?

A: We meet a high percentage of our clients when they are currently working full-time and thinking of starting a company in the future. We have always tried to help anyone we can wherever we can. We are happy to talk discuss and provide guidance, and hopefully you remember us when you start your company!

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: Majority of our clients are billed hourly and are provided with a monthly timesheet. We try to be as transparent as possible with the services we are providing and look to improve efficiency throughout the working relationship.

Q: What all can Trivium do for my business?

A: Our goal is to let entrepreneurs focus on their core business product or service offering. Trivium’s team has experts performing Accounting, Finance, HR, Tax, and Legal work for early to mid-stage companies around the world.

Q: What makes Trivium different from other service providers?

A: We have always tried to be a part of any company we are working with rather than just a service provider. Employees at client sites have not been able to tell a Trivium employee through years of our service working with them. Our goal is to be a part of great stories and to work with entrepreneurs not just at their first company, but the many they form over their career.

Q. What kind of returns do you prepare?

A. We prepare individual, corporate, and partnership federal and state tax returns, We help our clients to be as efficient as possible: in addition to income tax return preparation and filing, we prepare and file other required forms, such as W-2s, 1099s, etc.

Q.What tax planning services do you provide?

A. We receive a lot of “what-ifs” from our individual and business clients. What if i donate a foreclosed property to a charity? What if i recharacterize my Roth IRA? Shall i incorporate my foreign company in US or operate as a branch? What if i send my employees on an assignment to a foreign country? These are some of the issues that require a careful planning.

Q. What tax issues do you typically research?

A. Generally, there are two instances where tax research is required - an anticipated transaction and a transaction that already happened and now is questioned by the IRS or other taxing authority. An anticipated transaction research has a lot to do with tax planning: we research the issue and provide the client with available options, if any. The other type of research most often happens in audits, where there is a need to substantiate a particular treatment of an income or deduction item.

Q. Do you represent your clients before the IRS?

A. Yes, we do represent, and not only before the IRS, but also before other taxing authorities. At this time we represent only individuals.

Q. How do you charge for your services?

A. It depends on the service we provide. For tax preparation services, our fees are based on forms needed. For audit, tax planning, and tax research, we bill hourly.

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