Trivium team shares a common goal of providing solutions, monitor their execution closely and measure results consistently for ultimate success of a businesses and investors.

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Trivium team has years of corporate and professional hands-on experience. We depend on our team members to bring a deep level of knowledge and understanding to each client's unique needs. We encourage and challenge our team to continually think of new and innovative ways to provide solutions and shake up the industry.

Each of us in our leadership group, has held positions in reputable organizations prior to entering Trivium Group. Our extensive network of contacts enables us to identify, assess and recruit exceptional talent and superb leaders.

We enthusiastically serve on industry panels, boards and committees and are frequently invited to speak on topics of interest to boards of trustees and CEOs. Our background and experience have provided us with a unique understanding of leadership in a variety of settings.

Yelena Ten | Director, Global Tax

Yelena joined Trivium T&C from KPMG, LLP in Santa Clara, CA, where she worked in the International Executive Services division preparing tax returns for American citizens living abroad and foreigners choosing the U.S. as their temporary or permanent home. Before KPMG, Yelena worked for H&R Block preparing complex returns for individuals and businesses. She also represented clients from both companies in audits before the IRS.

Living and working in Bay Area, Yelena has been exposed to a wide variety of tax situations - from domestic and international entrepreneurs starting their own businesses to your local teacher. Yelena’s clients appreciate her extensive knowledge of tax rules and regulations and her ability to research complex subjects. She is always willing to go an extra mile to help her clients to resolve a daunting tax issue or plan for a future transaction.

Yelena holds a MS in Taxation from SJSU and MS in Geophysics from Novosibirsk State University, Russia.

Dave Bartlett | Executive VP

Dave is currently in private practice representing enterprises at the start-up, development and growth stages as outside general counsel, and on special projects, including strategic alliances, corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, commercial, technology, licensing and intellectual property transactions. Dave has co-founded several high-tech companies, was a partner with a major law firm, authored books and articles, and is an elected member of the American Law Institute.

Dave was a Partner of Cooley Godward LLP, a Silicon Valley-based law firm, where he practiced for 10 years after he joined the firm in 1987. Mr. Bartlett co-founded its Boulder office in 1993, where he was in charge of the Technology Practice Group representing high-tech and biotechnology companies specializing in strategic alliances, corporate and securities, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, complex commercial transactions, and intellectual property transactions and strategies. Dave is an elected member of the American Law Institute (ALI), since 1995, and has served on several ALI drafting committees. He was a distinguished Advisor for the Principles of the Law: Software Contracts, as adopted and promulgated by the ALI at Washington, D.C. (May 19, 2009), published 2010. He was also Advisor for ALI’s Style of the Institute Committee, which produced a manual for ALI Reporters, The Voice of The American Law Institute. He was also appointed by the ALI to the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Article 2B (Information Licensing and Software Contracts) Drafting Committee, a national committee that produced the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (UCITA).

Dave was Executive Vice President & Co-Founder of SurfSquared Inc., a co-browsing service enabling its client’s website visitors to visually share their live browsing with friends, social network members or website support staff. Dave served as Vice President and General Counsel of Azaire Networks Inc., a Silicon Valley-based wireless technology company acquired by IntelliNet Technologies, Inc. He co-founded Azaire Networks in 1999 and the company grew to 150+ employees worldwide. Dave was Vice President of Business Development and General Counsel of NetSage Corporation (merged with Finali Corporation), he co-founded NetSage in 1996.

Dave is the author of numerous articles and other publications, including the Strategic Alliances Handbook and the Intellectual Property Handbook -- Institutional and University Licensing: Key Terms and Negotiation Points. Dave’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Entrepreneurship, magna cum laude, University of Colorado (1978); and a Juris Doctor degree, Outstanding Corporate Intern, University of Denver College of Law (1984).

Sonia Clark | Executive Vice President Human Resources

Sonia Clark has over 20 years of business, marketing, and Human Resources experience in high-tech, consumer products, manufacturing, and medical devices companies. Sonia’s career has included global responsibility in leading global talent strategy, leading numerous mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, product marketing, and transitioning large organizations through culture and country change in Silicon Valley, as well as fortune 50 companies.

Sonia was responsible for Juniper’s Talent Innovation Initiative, Diversity, and Mobility Initiatives. Prior to Juniper, Mrs. Clark was the Vice President of Human Resources and an officer for Align Technology, Inc. where she reported to the President and CEO. She was responsible for ensuring that the company employed, developed, and retained the top employees in the medical device industry globally.

Preceding Align Technology, Inc., Sonia Clark was at Agilent Technologies, where she was the HR leader on the team who executed the divestiture of Avago Technologies. Avago Technologies became the largest, privately held semiconductor company in the world. In addition, while at Agilent, she implemented a Talent Development Process, and developed a General Manager career path for the Semiconductor Products Group as the Chief Learning Officer and Human Resource Business Partner.

Sonia Clark brings 20 years of experience in Human Resources and Marketing leadership. Her many accomplishments include General Management of a new product line for Black & Decker, automating and streamlining global strategic talent management processes for Cadence Design and Agilent technology, mentoring and developing high performance global teams, and coaching senior executives. Clark has worked for a broad range of companies and industries from retail and manufacturing to high tech and including Cadence Design Systems, Black & Decker, Colgate Palmolive and several startups.

Clark received her bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology from California State University Northridge, and holds numerous certifications in Organization and Executive development programs.

Sharad Singh | VP Sales & Business Development

Sharad has worked in several industries building sales teams, creating growth strategies, and developing territories for companies in various stages of growth.

Prior to Trivium, Sharad worked in Business Development for Allegis Group, the largest recruiting firm in the United States. At Allegis Group, Sharad joined as a recruiter as was promoted shortly thereafter into management. While in this role Sharad hired and trained a team of direct reports while servicing early stage and Fortune 500 companies across all industries. In two years in this role, he was able to split his territory twice and promote several direct reports.

At Trivium, Sharad is responsible for creating new markets, new verticals, and strategic partnerships. Sharad currently advises early stage companies in the mobile, internet, software, hardware, and consumer goods industries in regards to hiring and developing talent as well as business development strategies. Sharad enjoys trying out new restaurants throughout San Francisco and works off the calories playing basketball and softball.

Vinita Soin | Managing Director, Global Tax

Vinita is a thorough and experienced manager. She started her career in India in healthcare at a leading orthopedic hospital. Upon relocating to the United States Vinita re-educated herself in the field of Taxation. She then put her education to use at H&R Block where she specialized in processing complicated tax returns.

At Trivium, Vinita has grown to lead a global team of accountants and tax preparers to handle complete Accounting, Taxation, HR and Administrative needs for clients. Vinita is an expert at implementing processes and driving the team to achieve their maximum potential while maintaining a high quality of service. She has been the liaison for numerous clients going through various audits. Vinita, along with her team, has dealt with international and domestic tax issues be it for an individual, corporation, or non-profit organization.

Vinita is a multi-linguist with a Masters degree in Accounting, Economics and Company Law. She enjoys working with people and helping them to solve their problems. In her spare time she enjoys hiking and going camping with her family.


Our Humble Beginnings...

Trivium was started much like any other startup, with a recurring problem and no solution in sight. Beginning in the early 1990s, entrepreneurs were seeking out guidance from our CEO to build and manage Accounting, Finance, and HR teams. These companies did not need full time resources and it was difficult to get part-time contractors to work well with each other.

An Entrepreneurial Awakening

After working on several successful exits, helping in building a venture fund, being on a prominent public company M&A team during the peak of the market, and investing in startups, our CEO continued to see the same issues arise for early to mid-stage companies in the 2000s. It was then that she decided to come up with a solution that would provide peace of mind to entrepreneurs. She began putting together a team of trusted colleagues that were specialists in particular fields with a focus on early to mid-stage companies.

Startup takes Shape

Although Trivium was officially formed in January of 2009, the founding team had been working together for several years supporting companies from inception through the acquisition stage. Since 2009, Trivium has grown organically through referrals from current and prior clients. Since our inception the goal at Trivium has always been the same: provide value, be a partner not a provider, and do for our clients what we would do for ourselves.


The Trivium Engagement process comprises three stages designed to deliver outstanding results.


The Analysis phase is a two-step process. First, we review your current needs to tailor an appropriate level of service and create a statement of work (SOW). – Next, we perform a Strategic Assessment, which addresses the level of service required to implement a support plan that will deliver outstanding value.

The Implementation phase will benchmark ‘best practices’ appropriate to your field, and standardize your business support processes.

Operations and Monitoring

Trivium takes over full-scale operation of in-scope services in this phase with an ongoing commitment to monitor services undertaken and continually improve all aspects of operations.


An organization always requires strong collaborative support functions, but there always stands the concern regarding scalability.

Trivium offers a number of flexible support models serviced by experts in their respective fields. We eliminate learning curve and provide a quick turnaround in providing effective solutions, upon evaluation of client business needs.

We offer multiple levels of support to startups and established businesses; as a result, our clients reduce cost, increase efficiency, and maintain their focus on developing their products or services to grow their business.

Trivium Philosophy

At Trivium, we value the importance of being a good corporate citizen, and as such, we constantly hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards both in the workplace and outside of it.

We set our goals to deliver superior service to help solve our clients’ most pressing business problems. We believe in doing the right thing even if it may compromise our short-term profitability. We don’t waver from the truth or crater under pressure. We are willing to be sufficiently creative and flexible, but always operate under a high moral, ethical and legal standard.

Trivium Core Values


We believe in the absoluteness of integrity and conduct all our internal and external relationships with honesty, and by following the principle of always doing the right thing.

Commitment to client success through excellence in execution

We are committed to doing what it takes to ensure client success. We invest and innovate in the field of business and technology execution to bring leading edge ideas to clients.

Long-term relationships with clients, employees, and partners

We invest in relationships with clients, employees and partners with a long-term perspective and believe our success lies in their success.

# One global firm - with global conduct

We will always maintain a one-firm culture, adhering globally to a common set of professional principles, client service standards and values.

Contributions to a better society

Recognizing our social purpose, we create value aimed at contributing to economic, social and environmental efforts in the communities we serve.


Trivium Corporate Solutions offers a number of flexible support models in accounting, finance and HR. As taxes have always been an integral part of any accounting service package, we began to provide tax consulting and tax return preparation. In response to that growing need Trivium Tax and Compliance spun out of Trivium Corporate Solutions in 2010.

We offer multiple levels of support to startups and established businesses; as a result, our clients reduce cost, increase efficiency, and maintain their focus on developing their products or services to grow their business.

At Trivium T&C, we understand the extreme complexity of the US tax code. We handle our clients’ tax issues so they can focus on growing their businesses, not dedicate their valuable resources to navigating complicated tax rules. Our foremost goal is to make sure our clients are compliant with their current tax filing requirements. We also provide strategic tax planning services and representation before the IRS.